Contempo® Carpet Care

Contempo® Carpet Care
A Complete System For Maintaining Carpeted Flooring

Spartan’s carpet care products provide the highest quality solutions with easy-tofollow procedures, insuring optimum carpet appearance and rejuvenation at minimal cost. From traditional carpet cleaning to green cleaning methods, give your carpet a high quality touch with Spartan’s carpet care maintenance program – guaranteed to deep clean and beautify.
The complete line of carpet care products, including the Contempo® line, can be used for the wide variety of carpet care solutions such as: specialty spot removers, total carpet stain protection, general purpose, deep cleaning, and malodor counteractants, plus the latest in bio-augmentation and a first of its kind, Spartan’s extraction carpet cleaner, CX3 Bio-assist®.
Contempo Stat®
Hi-foam Shampoo for Brush Machines
Plus-5® (Five Gallon)
Hi-foam Shampoo for Brush Machines - Five Gallon Pail
Defoamer (Quart)
Ready to Use
SSE Carpet Prespray & Spotter® (Quart)
Ready to Use
Non-flammible Concentrate, Total Carpet Protection
Contempo V®
Extracton for Stain-Resistant Carpets, Concentrate
Contempo V® (Five Gallon)
Extracton for Stain-Resistant Carpets, Concentrate - Five Gallon Pail
Xtraction II®
Extraction for Steam Cleaners
CX3 Bio-Assist®
Extraction With Enzymes for Odors
Contempo® Coffee & Tea Solution
16oz. Refill for Contempo® Deluxe Spotting Kit