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Deodorant Blocks

Deodorant Blocks
Price: $2.55
Product ID : DB01 Deodorant Blocks
Weight: 0.30 lbs



Our high quality "Square Refills" provide a convenient, spill proof method of servicing your air freshener dispensers. Each one is individually wrapped. "Square Refills" can be used with the AP-2000 Air Freshener Dispenser as well as many other electric/battery air freshener dispensers. Each square is a 30-day refill. When using squares, remove fragrance cup and place a square upright in bottom of unit. The unit will hold 4 squares. After about a month place another square beside the 1st one. Then after another month add a 3rd square and a 4th after 4 months. On the 5th month remove the 1st and keep rotating. Do not put squares on any surface (counter top, dash, desktop, etc) as they are saturated with fragrance.
Scents available: Jasmine, Grape, Mulberry, Vanilla Creme, Cinnaspice

To mix scents (if ordering a dozen), please call 1-800-347-5181

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