Spartan Ready to Use Handi Sprays

Spartan Ready to Use Handi Sprays
Always Ready-to-Use, simply spray and wipe.
Enjoy the benefits of RTU Handi Sprays in over 30 popular Spartan brand products. The perfectly diluted formula provides consistent, quality cleaning performance. Add economies to your cleaning procedures and product usage… no mixing means less spills, waste and training time. This convenient package simplifies labeling confusion as all necessary Federal, State and local labeling specifications are already on the attractive quart bottles, which are also convenient to distribute and inventory in even the most limited of storage spaces.

Each case comes with three spray triggers.
9" Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Spray Trigger
Product ID : 110504 9" Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Spray Trigger
Airlift® Citrus (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 303103 Airlift® Citrus
One Quart Bottle
Airlift® Cranberry Ice (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 301803 Airlift® Cranberry Ice
One Quart Bottle
Airlift® Fresh Scent (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 302303 Airlift® Fresh Scent
One Quart Bottle
Airlift® Lemon Scent (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 302103 Airlift® Lemon Scent
One Quart Bottle
Airlift® Smoke & Odor Eliminator (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 308603 Airlift® Smoke & Odor Eliminator
One Quart Bottle
Airlift® Tropical (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 306803 Airlift® Tropical
Plumeria Scent - One Quart Bottle
ASAP® (RTU Handi-Spray)
Product ID : 319003 ASAP®
All Surface, All Purpose - One Quart Bottle
BioRenewables® Glass Cleaner RTU
Product ID : 3239 BioRenewables® Glass Cleaner RTU
BioRenewables® Restroom Cleaner (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 353003 BioRenewables® Restroom Cleaner
One Quart Bottle
CDC-10® (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 321003 CDC-10®
Clinging Disinfectant Cleaner - One Quart Bottle
Consume Bio-Bowl® (Quart Bottle)
Product ID : 339703 Consume Bio-Bowl®
Cleaner With Odor Control - One Quart Bottle
Consume® (Quart Bottle)
Product ID : 319703 Consume®
Enzyme-Based Cleaner/Odor Eliminator/Stain Remover/Drain Maintainer - One...
Contempo® H2O2 Spotting Solution (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 313703 Contempo® H2O2 Spotting Solution
One Quart Bottle
Diffense™ (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 102403 Diffense™ (RTU Handi Spray)
EPA-Registered Broad Spectrum Disinfectant
Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment (RTU Handy Spray)
Product ID : 321303 Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment
One Quart Bottle
Fast & Easy® (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 326003 Fast & Easy®
Hard Surface & Glass Cleaner - One Quart Bottle
Foamy Q & A® (RTU Handi Spray)
Product ID : 320003 Foamy Q & A®
Dual Acid Cleaner - One Quart Bottle